Christopher Fitting

My art life began in 1983 after the U.S. Navy in Vietnam, starting a family and years of woodworking. I studied casting and mold making at California College of Art. My first series subjects were larger than life insects which enabled the viewer to see beautiful details without a microscope. There were butterfly eggs, ladybugs, grasshoppers and ants. In 1988 I started working for the California Academy of Sciences, sculpting and installing two major exhibit halls. After 22 years in an environment dedicated to the natural world, I had more ideas than time. I spent several years carving wooden songbirds competitively. I now devote more time to stone which is my primary medium.

Exhibits include:

Oakland Museum, Claudia Chapline Gallery, Marin County Library, Northlight Gallery, Stewart Kummer Gallery, Emmeline Craig Gallery and Shidoni Gallery